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3-day Ambassador


:: 3-day Ambassador 三日育成大使 Ep 6:

100英里育成之路 - 飲食篇 My first 100 miles Journey - Race Food & Nutrition

[3-day Ambassador 三日育成大使 #6] 100英里育成之路 My first 100 miles Journey

Ep 6 : 飲食篇 :: Race Food & Nutrition

Recently I went to a nutrition seminar about meal planning for ultra-distance trail runners. We need to plan wisely to avoid too much or too less intake, whether it is before, during or after the race. Proper nutrition helps to improve the whole performance and makes it easier to race.

Key points:

Listen to your body
Energy gels should be taken together with plain water, rather than other energy drinks loaded with sugar. Excessive sugar intake would mess with your stomach causing nausea. And nausea is the last thing you need in a 100k or 100mile race.

Prepared your tried-and-tested food
Another tip: Try all your race food before the race. Do not gamble on new food/ drink/ gels which you never have before. Later on I will share my food list. It’s really a personal preference, and you probably have your own! Please try them all before the race.

a. 即食熱湯Instant soup:
要一碗好味熱湯暖身,鹹味可以補充體力。而且包裝輕身又方便泡製,只需要一點熱水! (最好check下個CP係咪有熱水)
Tasty and salty instant soup helps me feel warm, and gives me a boost in energy. The powder packing is light and easy to manage as long as you can find Hot water in CP! (Needless to say you need to plan and check if the CP does offer hot water)

b. 飯Rice:
I know some people prefer noodles but for me, I prefer rice - it gives a more “stuffed” filling and gives more energy. Again, try the particular flavour before you start your race. It would be a good idea you bring it with you for practice/ recce. Also , test if the temperature of water falls short of boiling point (90’c) would be enough to soften the rice. Too tough and your stomach may get hurt.

c. 零食Happy Snacks:
帶一啲會令你開心嘅零食,如:紅豆糕,鹽糖等⋯⋯ 我相信多品種嘅零食比起單一口味,更令我覺得開心!
Red beans, salty candy... and something makes you happy. I believe more variety of snacks make me happier – my taste buds get entertained!

d. 能量補充劑Gels and supplements:
Be wary of the consumption level of certain supplements - especially if it has caffeine or BCAA. Eating too much may have a negative impact.

Last but not least, I wish you the best luck and enjoy the race! See you on 21-23 Feb in V162!

Photo and Text by: Connie , 3-day Ambassador


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:: 3-day Ambassador 三日育成大使 Ep 5:

100英里育成之路 - 裝備篇 My first 100 miles Journey - A Gal and Her Gears

[3-day Ambassador 三日育成大使 #5] 100英里育成之路 My first 100 miles Journey

Ep 5 : 裝備篇 :: A Gal and Her Gears


Gear Up! The choice of what exactly to equip is essential for a safe and sound experience, especially for long ultra races.

越野跑手/ 行山裝備:
GPX 路線檔案
防水外套 (需留意大會要求)
水袋/ 水樽
太陽眼鏡/ 太陽油
Gel /鹽丸/Bcaa/食物(下一篇文章會詳述)

List of equipment for hikers / trail runners:
GPX file
Hiking poles
Waterproof Jacket
Bag packs
Water bag/ bottles
Sunglasses/ Sunscreens
Trail running shoes
Gel/ Electrolytes/ Bcaa/ Foods (We would talk a bit more in the next topic!)
Other mandatory Racing equipment, I.e. Emergency blanket, headlamp, first-aid kit, cash etc......


There’s a delicate balance: You’d need various tools and equipment when facing different situation, most notably the ever-changing weather and body conditions as fatigue kicks in. On the other hand, excessive equipment could turn into extra weight and slows you down! You got to understand what suits your needs and preference most in each practice or recce, by carrying the gears along, rather than just going out ultra-lightweight with only water.


In order to survive in a 3D2N race, it is necessary to draw up a well-organised plan, detailing all the equipment required, foods, clothing, as well as the backup battery and external charger. With sufficient preparation and meticulous practice by recce-ing and carrying the right gear, I believe every one can enjoy the entire journey in V162!

Photo and Text by: Connie, 3-day Ambassador


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:: 3-day Ambassador 三日育成大使 Ep 4:

100英里育成之路 - 試路篇 My first 100 miles Journey - Recce and Practice

[3-day Ambassador 三日育成大使 #4]
Ep 4 : 100英里育成之路 - 試路篇

My first 100 miles Journey - Recce and Practice

編按: 本週六就有N80 N7-N9 試路, 暢遊青蛙石! 詳情 :
Join Saturday 11/30's Recce of N7-N9 - ]


V162 Recce - N80 (N3-5)


Race course reconnaissance (recce) is a vital part of ultra running. It is Essential! Refer to the link I attached last time, Canetti went wrong way in the racecourse. I also experienced this in my H42 race in the previous year, the penalty was an additional 1 hour add on my finishing time. Now they no longer have H42 but H50 instead. It’s impossible to “revenge” for this.


一般情況而言,我盡可能會安排兩次試路,第一次係視察路況,唔會刻意count時間。第二次係做Time trial,睇吓正常情況下,我需要幾多時間去完成每一段,從而估計總完成時間。
Generally speaking, I will do two times recce for the racecourse: 1st time to familiar with the course, less focus on the time it may consume. 2nd to do a time trial for each CP, and it helps on predictions of your finishing time.

今次路線係行Day2嘅N80的N3至N5段,先行煤氣管,到麥9馬路,再到行小徑落河背水塘,到達小農莊可以稍作休息。跟住經河背越野單車徑,到達甲龍古道上馬路,全長約15公里。我同幾位師兄join咗試路團,預4個鐘嘅路程,一行人3男1女,一開始就跑 (佢哋全部快腳) 我已經開始擔心太快可能抽筋或者受傷 🙈 所以後段都唔刻意跟師兄嘅步伐。每逢路口,大家等埋人齊再起行。最後6K我哋步伐跟得上,再一齊急行返蓮姐度。就係咁我哋快咗1個鐘頭完成,仲趕得切去川龍飲茶!😋 大家記住依個Check point有點心食啊~
We had our first recce for N80 for 15km from N3 to N5. We began with “Gas Pipeline” and joined the MacLehose section 9 flat road. Through the footpath towards Ho Pui Reservoir, we arrived a farm for short stay. The route has arrived Ho Pui Mountain Bike Trail and connect to the Kap Lung Ancient Trail to Tai Mo Shan end point. It was planned as 4 hours, I didn’t expect to run in the beginning and those guys really run so fast! Lucky they often wait for me in every turning corner! We joined in the latter part and walk towards the N5 check point together. This place named Chong Lung and it’s famous for Yum Cha😋 Don’t forget to try the Dim Sum in N5!


If you did V162 race previously, you should realise the racecourse is very unique and you can pass through many beautiful paths. Their arrangements in CPs also fabulous and you surely should not miss it! All beautiful sceneries on the trails with lots of Hong Kong historic landmark. We hope you like it!


Wish to see you all in the trail and please give me Hi 5 or encourage me when we meet💪🏽

Photo + Video Recorded by Raymond Lai, Text by: Connie, 3-day Ambassador


:: 3-day Ambassador 三日育成大使 Ep 3:

100英里育成之路 - 心理篇 My first 100 miles Journey - Mental Preps


近日,我訪問過幾位 V162, CCC, UTMB, PTL 長途賽事嘅完賽跑手,綜合大家嘅見解同經歷,我嘗試總結以下幾點:

• 我哋一早(起碼半年以上)報名,而且為個比賽制定至少5個月嘅訓練。特別係海外賽事,必須熟讀路線地圖同攀升幅度,亦要睇其他參賽者放上YouTube嘅片。可以吸取其他跑者嘅一手經驗同埋睇到個路況,絕對係獲益良多。

• 我認為完賽後感覺有啲路段比想像中容易,頭段一般都係較為輕鬆,而且心情特別興奮。但到最後20-30k就真係攞命!有啲路好難行,又斜又跣,喺香港根本練唔到同樣嘅路況,例如冰川。

• 一路上最大挑戰係個心理質素,見到一座又一座山,好難捱!唯有叫自己放下空,專注前面嘅每一步。

• 為咗安全完賽,我會睇住cut-off時間去制定一個schedule。仲有,如果可以的話,我會盡量問下完賽跑手嘅心得 (就好似我依家做緊嘅咁)。


Good physical and mental fitness preparations are important for an entirely new race. Many people say the second half of the race is the real tough case, it’s not just energy depletion but also the mental tiredness. I think it’s important that I could have some preparations for my mind when planning the V162 3-day race.

After a few interviews with some finishers of V162, CCC, UTMB, PTL with couple of questions that I am interviewing in regards to mental readiness of a trail runner. To summarise our interview in bullet point as below:

• We plan to join the race for more than 6 months and committed into a training program at least 5 months before the race. For overseas trail running, we studied the map and elevation and watched all clips from other racers on YouTube. Previous racers’ first-hand experience sharing would benefit on your race preparation.

• In completion of the race, we found some parts are less hostile than we expected but the last 20-30km was payback time. Especially the toughest part in a climb up a glacier moraine slope, it was something we couldn’t train for, in Hong Kong.

• It is tough to keep up your mental fitness when overcoming the challenges during the course, that we should stay on blank-mind and simply focus on the steps in front of you.

• We would make a schedule plan with cut-off times in order to secure the completion of the race. Also, if possible, try to make some interviews with finishers and share with their experience (Just like what I am doing)

I suppose a strong mind and body condition would be needed for such long race, and I wish to enjoy every moment during the course regardless the result of it. Keep smiling 😊

大家可以睇下 Sporti 上年賽後分享條片
Please refer to video from Canetti Chung

我係SporTi 👇🏽👇🏽 if you wish to know more about V162 3-day race

Photo and Text by: Connie , 3-day Ambassador


:: 3-day Ambassador 三日育成大使 Ep 2:

100英里育成之路 - 訓練篇 My first 100 miles Journey - Training for 3DR

By: Connie Yam , 3-day Ambassador

我將會以五個月時間籌備人生第一個100 miles比賽3-day race,由九月開始計劃,逐步由提高練習距離,達致目標應付三場分別在11月、1月中及2月初嘅長距離賽事。當中亦有混入唔少Body Strength嘅訓練項目,提升全身肌肉嘅力量、耐力、反應各方面能力。
I put myself into a 5-month program in preparing my first 100 miles 3-day race. Since September, I gradually engaged into Long slow distance (LSD) training, aim at coping with the 3 coming Long distance races on November, January and February. In the meantime, my training program also includes body strength workouts, in order to raise the muscle power, endurance and agility.

訓練內容 Training Program:

7分鐘高強度間歇訓練 HIIT 7 minutes workout (2 sets)
每星期跑量大慨50-70公里跑山路程或作70-100EP為同等 Weekly loading in around 70-100EP (approx. 50-70km trail running)

至少一、兩次upper body workouts 特別係 core training 同背肌訓練 At least 1 to 2 times upper body workouts especially the core and back muscle Training

Connie 小建議:大家可以善用lunch break去健身室舉下鐵或者HIIT,晚上可以休息或上跑班。
My training tips: Make well use your lunch time to go for gym workouts or HIIT, so that you can spend night time with running classes or take some rests.

充分嘅預備絕對係必需要,我算係隨心型,唔會太有系統咁去訓練,所以好需要用Log Book寫低自己嘅訓練內容!如果有一位好教練幫助,更加可以一步一步有效咁練出成果!希望大家可以一齊分享運動訓練中嘅體會,以致可以鼓勵身邊更多人參與並一同進步!
It is essential to have adequate preparation, however I do as my heart desires. To solve this, I need a well organised log book to record my whole training in a systematic way. Also, it’s good to have a coach to follow your own program, it gives a sound effect on your enhancement and performance. I wish that we can influence each other with our training progress, it may also encourage more people to join us and improve together.


Photo and Text by: Connie , 3-day Ambassador


:: 3-day Ambassador 三日育成大使 Ep 1:

100英里育成之路 My first 100 miles Journey

By: Connie Yam, 3-day ambassador

回想起黎,今年初參加Victoria 162第一日嘅L57比賽同第三日H50參與義工活動,見證咁多位100miles完成賽手嘅堅毅同努力。今日我都報左V162 3-day race,希望大家同我一齊見證我育成之路。
Flash back to early of this year, I was participating L57 the first day race of Victoria 162 as well as the volunteer crew member on day 3 H50 races. I’m so amazed by the finishers’ power and perseverance. I decided to join V162 3-day race in the coming year, and I wish to show how I am becoming the finisher of this 100 miles race.

To fully equip myself before joining a 3-day race, I joined one Japanese trail event on June. It’s a 2-day race in Hakusan Japan, which I found the organiser from my friend. It’s a very unique experience that I’ve never been to. I need some new equipments that never been on my gear checklist before, which includes Bear Bell!

In those two days, I went through many different types of trail paths such as loosen footpaths on hills and steep slopes. The organiser set up ropes for safety precautions, as well as the crew driving along the road that is accessible and make sure they count every single participant! Since the number of participants are rather less, the crew is able to provide extra care to each of us.

是次經驗令我知道一個比賽係需要充份嘅預備,有好嘅安排同backup計劃,再去鍛鍊!我希望今次可以完成我人生中第一個100miles比賽! 我要加油💪🏽
By the experience, I learnt that I need to have sufficient preparation for a race. I also need to have well prepared and thoughtful backup plan, as well as the training in certain! I wish I could complete my first 100 miles race! Let me strive for the goal!💪🏽


Photo and Text by: Connie , 3-day Ambassador


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