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曾於2016 - 2020 年間,
完成任何一個80公里或以上的越野跑山賽 / 超馬賽 / 多日賽. 
Finisher of a 80km or longer trail race, ultramarathon or stage race during 2016-2020.

N80 / 3-day race

曾於2016 - 2020年間,
a) 完成任何一個80公里以上的越野跑山賽 / 超馬賽 / 多日賽, 或

b) 在15小時或以內完成任何一個40公里越野跑山賽.
Finisher of

a) a 80km or longer trail race, ultramarathon or stage race ,or
b) a 40km trail race in 15 hours or less during 2016-2020.

L57 / H50 / H25

No prerequisite.



V162: 150

3-day Challenge / 3-day Race: 100
L57: 150
N80: 150
H50: 400

H25: 200

隊際賽 (適用 V162)
Teams (V162 only)

V162 accepts Team registration. Each team can be made up of 2-4 people. All teams, regardless of team size and gender mix, would be put together as one "Team" category and compete for Team prizes.. 

V162設隊際名額. 每隊可由2-4人組成. 每隊不分人數, 性別, 均一同角逐隊際之頭三獎項. 

Registration Fee


過往幾屆我們從報名費不扣成本, 直接抽成捐贈受惠機構。未來我們相信與參賽者携手同行, 能做得更多. 2020-21年度, 如參賽者選擇捐贈任何金額, 賽會將由報名費中捐贈同等金額 (以該參賽者實際報名費10%為上限). 我們亦贈加了第二所受惠機構, 以繼續我們支持對本地需要人仕提供直接受惠機會的慈善機構. 

:: Last but not least, charity: In the past editions we donated a fixed percentage of registration fees without any cost deduction to charity. We believe we can do even more by involving runners. In 2020, Victoria 162 would match the amount the registrant donates, capped at 10% of the registrant's race fees. We have also added a second local beneficiary to continue our support in domestic, immediate impact charity causes. Click “Beneficiary" to learn more on our 2020 recipient of donation.

* 以下價格未含付費平台之4%手續費

* All prices below exclude 4% process fee collected by payment gateway

Registration Fee 

V162                          HKD 2,300 / person

3-day Challenge       HKD 2,000

3-day Race               HKD 2,800 

L57                            HKD 790
N80                           HKD 1190
H50                           HKD 790

H25                           HKD 490


All prices exclude 4% process fee collected by payment gateway

Registration Closed 報名結束


名額轉讓 Transfer

Entries can be transferred no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of registered event. An administration fee of HKD 100 will be required. Contact via email the organizer for such transfer.

參加者可在不遲於開賽前兩週,進行名額的轉讓。賽會將收取 HKD 100 行政費。請通過電郵與賽會聯繫有關轉讓事宜。

取消政策 Cancellation

Cancellation is allowed with a 50pc refund of the registration fee. Request for cancellation are accepted up to 15 Jan 2021.

Processing fee paid at the time of registration would not be subject to refund.