Volunteers 義工

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​檢查站, 掃尾隊, 掛標, 營地, 交通指揮, 先發隊, 行李義工, 車手, 醫療隊, 計時義工, 大會詢問 ...

​CP staff, Sweepers, Markers, Camp staff, Marshals, Forerunners, Luggage, Drivers, Medic, Timer, Info desk... 


+ 義工服

+ 義工證書

+ 來屆Victoria 10 免費# 或 來屆Victoria 162 九折參賽

(# 因2020年度順延, 2020年義工優惠為8折參加 V10)


+ Volunteer Tee

+ Volunteer Cert

+ complimentary# Victoria 10 Spot or 10% off next Victoria 162 series 

(# due to 2020 race deferment, the volunteer reward for 2020 V10 is changed to 20% off instead of complimentary entry)