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跑手注意 Runners Updates 

4/15 08:00 成績已呈送成績予ITRA; 證書已可供ITRA合資格跑手下載,或已郵寄予各非ITRA積分完成跑手. 未到貨的浮城輪廓及界石吊扣目前預計4/30送抵Apex荃灣店. The results have be submitted to ITRA. Finisher certs are available for download for ITRA finishers, and have been sent by email for non-ITRA finishers. Outstanding Silhouette and bag charm orders are now expecting to arrive at Apex Sports Tsuen Wan on Apr 30.   

4/4 23:59 上載成績完結, 最後一批完成確認即將發出, 隨後將呈送成績予ITRA; 如有上載不成功請盡快聯絡賽會. 
The result upload period is now over. We will send out final batch of Finisher and medal pick up mails, after which all results would be submitted to ITRA. Please contact us asap if you have not successfully uploaded results.  

3/30 08:00 
完賽確認電郵正陸續發出, 憑電郵請到Apex荃灣店領取獎牌.  
Finisher and medal pick up mails are being sent now. Please pick up with email at Apex Tsuen Wan Store.

3/27 08:00 Victoria 162 Virtual - It’s a wrap. Thank you to our courageous racers, the organizing committee and unrelenting volunteers that made it happen, our amiable sponsor listed below. Above all, huge congrats to all finishers.

- V162 / 3-day race : your finisher’s confirmation email would be sent after all necessary downgrading to single day races is completed.

- Single Day race: Finisher’s confirmation email for those already uploaded results would be sent over the weekend.

- With Finisher email, Finisher medals (and Visor) can be picked up from Monday 3/29 onwards at Apex Tsuen Wan.

- Result upload is open till Apr 4.

- Finisher certificate would be available by download (ITRA eligible) and sent through email (non-ITRA compliant) after all results are uploaded to ITRA and finalized.

3/27 00:00 
賽期完結啦!請在4/4 日或之前, 盡快將Strava連結, CP相片及經過時間, 上載到raceresults官網. 
It's a wrap! please upload your results - Strava link, CP Photo and elapsed time - onto raceresults website on or before 4/4. 

3/4 12:00
成績上載指南請參下面. 請到你登記電郵找尋 "編輯代碼" 進入上載連結. V162 及3日賽需要分三段(或更多)上載. Upload links are open - you can find your upload link in your registration email. Click on "edit code", then  add results.  ​For V162 and 3-day runners, you would be inputting 3 separate (or more) race times, 1 each for L / N / H. The instruction can be found below. 

3/2 15:30
有媒體報導指沙螺灣又封村。截至昨日3/1,L57 和3日賽跑手回報都可以通過。但如屬實,去東涌替代路線不易覓,海線或山線都增加難度。我們會繼續留意,如有進一步消息會再更新。
There are media reports that road is blocked again at Sha Lo Wan village. Thus far, L57 and 3-day runners are able to go through up till yesterday 3/1. If there are new roadblocks though, the reroute via coasteering or backtrack up Ngong Ping will both be difficult. We will keep an eye on the situation and update as appropriate .

2/26 00:01

And we are off to the Start of the virtual race period! Follow the (not very) live Signal Check in progress of V162 / 3-day race runners here.  

2/25 12:00 
Race pack pick up begins.
Please use your registration email with bib number to pick up from Apex Tsuen Wan Store. 

2/25 17:30 

ALT. ROUTE at Mui Wo / Ngong Ping : Please use the Mui wo atlernative route and Ngong Ping Alternative route in case of stray dogs. Also available on V162 / 3-day race / L57 info page. 

2/25 00:00 

GOOGLE MAP / REFUEL : refuel maps are uploaded to each info page.   

2/21 20:00  

PRIZE UPDATE - Kudos to our prize sponsor Aonijie HK and Fozzils. See bottom of page. ​

2/20 08:00  

Route Data UPDATE - All distance / D+ / D- data are now released on each route's info page. For example V162 data can be found at the bottom of V162 virtual page.

2/19  08:00  

GPX UPDATE - Fixed a small glitch of L57 at C21 at Nei Lak Shan. Please redownload: V162  / L57.

2/18  14:00     

GPX UPDATE - V162, 3-day Day 2 and 3, N80 and H25 GPX updated. Fixed wrong path / road crossings at Pak Shek Kiu, Lai King and Happy Valley. Please re-download :    V162     N80    H25.    


2/17  20:00

Check-in pictures for all day races: N80,  L57 and H25 - are uploaded on respective race info pages. 

Race Results

Podium Results



All Results


Victoria 162 Virtual

Feb 26 - Mar 26, 2021


2021 Victoria 162 is turning virtual - H25, L57, N80, 3-day and V162 are available.

  (Apologies we cannot host H50 / 3-day challenge) 

 - One-month Race period from Feb 26 to Mar 26.

 - Registered 2020 Victoria 162 runners:  Special discount entry. Participation would not affect your deferred spot in 2022. Please register using discount coupon code included in the email to be sent on Feb 5, 2021.  

 - ITRA points eligible only for local runners who finished designated course in allowed time.

 - Overseas runners who completes the required effort, being km + (D+ / 100) , would be eligible for finisher status.  Racer pack and finish prize would be mailed to overseas runners after result submission period is over. 

 - Whole Course V162 / 3-day: HKD 350   

 - Single Day  N80 / L57 / H25 : HKD 240  

 - Early Bird Period - Feb 5 noon - Feb 12 noon,  20% off registration time

​ - Registration Deadline - Mar 23 

2021 Victoria 162 系列賽中的 H25, L57, N80, 3-day 及 V162 將以虛擬模式作賽.

  (H50 / 3-day challenge 從缺)


 - 賽期一個月

 - 2020 Victoria 162 已登記跑手可以特惠價格登記. 參與虛擬賽不會影響您遞延至2022的名額. 請以2月5日寄出的電郵附的折扣券碼登記. 

 - ITRA 積分只適用於限時內完成賽道的本地跑手.

 - 境外跑手憑 km+Effort,  即 距離+ (爬升米數/ 100) 達到該賽事水平, 視為完賽. 境外跑手完賽後, 跑手包及完成獎將在賽期完結後郵寄給您.  

 - 全程 V162 / 3-day: HKD 350   

 - 單日賽 N80 / L57 / H25 : HKD 240  

 - 早鳥優惠 - 2月5日中午至2月12日中午, 早鳥期間八折報名. 

 - 報名日期至 3月23日止.  

Course Detail, GPX,

Photo CP  &

Race Rules

​賽道資料, GPX,



Click on the button to access data, GPX, map, rules, photo/signal timing method and upload required 

​按每個賽事按鈕下載賽道數據, GPX, 地圖, 賽例, 打卡點,




50hr limit



6 points.png

6 ITRA Points


47hr limit

Qualification Required 

5 points.png

5 ITRA Points



24hr limit



15hr limit



8hr limit

4 points.png

4 ITRA Points

3 points.png

3 ITRA Points

1 point.png

1 ITRA Point

Virtual Race Overview



Out of Town Runners


1) No need for Strava Track; upload screenshots of activity showing time, distance and elevation data.  Can be done in up to 10 segments.

2) Deemed finisher (unranked and without ITRA points) if km + effort meets the requirement for the respective race. 

1) 無需上載Strava連結,轉為上載可見經過時間,距離及爬升的活動紀錄照片,最多10個分段.

2) 以 km+ effort 達到該分賽要求的,將被視為完賽,不計排名或ITRA積分。

Runner's Pack 跑手包

(Continuous Update)

Race Pack Pick Up:  Apex Sports Tsuen Wan
Pick Up Period: Feb 25 2021 – Mar 23 2021
Time:  Opens Daily 12:00 - 20:00
Address: 1516B, 15/F, Nam Fung Centre, 264-298 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan

領取跑手包地點: Apex Sports Tsuen Wan 荃灣店
領取日期: 2021年2月25日至2021年3月23日
領取時間: 星期一至日 12:00 - 20:00
地址: 荃灣青山道264-298南豐中心15樓1516B 室


Finish Prize 完賽獎  

(To Be Finalized)


V162 add-on Special 跑手優惠加購

For add-on purchase during registration. 於報名時可供加購

​Nutrition 補給品

Runners must plan their refuel plan meticulously at the Virtual edition, as there would be no physical CP on course. Victoria 162 teamed up with the following brands - Beet it! , Active Root, Crampfix and Tailwind - and put together a Miler pack and a Day Runner Pack at a bargin price for your perusal.   

沒有實體CP,必需審慎補給,Victoria 162 與 Beet it!, Active Root, Crampfix 及 Tailwind  為你備了跑手補給包,分別有一百貓包和一日賽包,優惠價給您入手.


​Victoria City Boundary Stone Handcraft Trophies


 [ 浮城輪廓  Silhouette of Victoria City ] 

[香港人手製造] 木製框內崁鐳射雕刻硬卡,分別刻出山,街,界石,和背景維港堆疊而成,勾劃最簡結的街道和海外岸輪廓,鳥瞰百多年前的維多利亞城。20.5cm x 15.3cm x 3cm。

售價 HKD 198。 

[Handmade in HK] Laser-cut cardboard insets in a wooden frame, with the cutout of Victoria Peak, the city grid, and Boundary Stone each, which are laid on top of the Vic Harbour to outline a minimalist bird-eye view of the Victoria City. 20.5cm x 15.3cm x 3cm.

HKD 198 / pc. 

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-02 at 8.36.40 PM.
WhatsApp Image 2021-02-02 at 8.28.07 PM.

​ [ 界石吊扣 Boundary Stone Bag Charm ] 

[香港人手製造] 厚8mm的木製大吊扣,將界石尖頂方柱2D化變成平面六邊形,正面一側刻鑿V162,另一側復刻1903城界字樣,背後重塑官方僅在灣仔區兩支前有介紹的鑲地銅牌。尖頂孔位鑲有金屬三角片,配以大扣.9cm x 4cm x 0.8cm.

售價 HKD 198。

[Handmade in HK] Bag charm made of 8mm thick dark wood, the hexagonal shape is a flattened 2-D figure of the Boundary Stone. A deep carved "V162" on one front side, and a replica of the "City Boundary 1903" on the stones on the other side. On the back, a replica of the info-display copper plates on the ground only found at the 2 Wanchai Stones. Hole for carabiner is secured with a triangular metal plate. of 9cm x 4cm x 0.8cm. 

HKD 198 / pc. 

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-30 at 10.36.12 PM

V162 Official CORDURA® Coin Wallet 

V162 官方 CORDURA® 散紙包 

承接以往的 V162 防讀卡包,今屆 Virtual 的官方錢包用料更輕更上乘, 黃色CORDURA®耐磨可靠布料,附有Duraflex®鈕索及三角扣具,YKK耐用拉鍊,可扣在背包放八達通紙幣散紙等比賽時粗用,一路陪著你上山/過海/入便利店補給,無懼丟失弄髒。

售價 HKD 120。

A follow-through from previous edition's Anti-RFID card pouch, the virtual edition's Official Coin wallet uses lighter and stronger material, with a yellow CORDURA® fabric that survives the grit and grind of a trailrunner's life, with Duraflex® buckles and YKK zip, ready for tieing to your race vest, and versatile storage for your Octopus and coins to accompany your rough journey to the hills, under the harbour and into the convenient stores.

HKD 120 / pc 


三甲獎品 Podium Prize

(For ITRA eligible local runners)


:: Registration ::

Transfer and Cancellation Policy 轉讓及取消政策

Victoria 162 Virtual – V162 / 3-day Cancellation & Transfer Policy
Deferrals: Not applicable.
Refunds: No refunds allowed under any circumstances.   
Transfers: Person to person transfers,  subject to transfer charge.   
Distance / race switches: Switches from Whole Course to Day Races will be made as a standard without charge for DNF runners for completed legs once the results submission deadline has been reached. Other switches from Whole Course to Day Races will not be allowed. Whole Course registrants may switch between the One Go and 3-Day free of charge by e-mail request to the race organizer at any time prior to the results submission deadline. 

V162 / 3-day Race 取消及轉讓政策
名額遞延: 不適用.
退款: 任何情況均不設退款.   
轉讓名額: 名額可轉讓,需支付轉讓費用.   
轉換距離或賽事: 凡報名參與V162及三日賽而未有完成全程者,賽會在上載期限屆滿後, 將其在限時內完成的單賽區成績, 免費轉換成有關的單日賽。其他由跑者提出的轉成單日賽將不被允許. 跑者可上載成績限期前,用電郵通知賽會提出由V162轉成三日賽或三日賽轉成V162. 

Victoria 162 Virtual – N80 / L57 / H25  Cancellation & Transfer Policy
Deferrals: Not applicable.
Refunds: No refunds allowed under any circumstances.   
Transfers: Person to person transfers, subject to transfer charge.   
Distance / race switches: Switches from Day Races to Whole Course are not allowed. Switches between L57, N80 and H25 are also not allowed.

N80 / L57 / H25  取消及轉讓政策

名額遞延: 不適用.
退款: 任何情況均不設退款.   
轉讓名額: 名額可轉讓,需支付轉讓費用.   
轉換距離或賽事: 不允許由單日賽轉成三日賽或V162, 亦不允許由單日賽轉成另一單日賽。

Terms and Conditions ​條款細則


以本人被取錄參加「Victoria 162 」、「 Victoria 10 」及一切有關活動 (統稱「活動」) 為代價,本人願意遵守由Air One Limited、各獎品贊助商、場地贊助商包括但不限於Apex Sports以及各協助機構 (統稱「大會」) 在此列明的條款細則,同意以下所列各點 : 本人明白參加此活動存在受傷、死亡、財物損失及/或任何形式的損失的風險。本人是自願參加此活動和願意承擔自身的意外風險及責任,並放棄向大會以及與活動直接或間接聯繫的任何其他個人或組織,對本人往返活動場地途中、活動中發生或其引致之自身意外、死亡、財產損失及/或任何形式的損失提出索償或追討責任。 本人承認了解風險為本人的責任,並聲明本人身體情況良好及有能力報名、參加及完成此活動,而沒有執業醫生曾提出相反意見。 本人明白及同意Air One Limited將本人的個人資料轉交或任何提供本人的個人資料予大會用作賽事用途。 本人於簽署及同意本免責聲明及其他條款細則之日已經年滿18歲或以上,或者未滿18歲但有法定監護人陪同。 本人理解並同意將本人的個人資料提供予大會用作安排活動及下文所述之用。本人願意授權予及同意大會及傳媒在不需要審查情況及不需要本人另外同意下而可在任何媒體中使用本人的個人資料、肖像、姓名及聲線作為籌辦及推廣活動之用,包括但不限於本人肖像及姓名有可能在與活動有關的情況下被使用於大會之網頁、短片、Facebook及出版物。 本人填妥此報名表格即表示同意及確認所有在此列明之大會規則、條款細則及免責聲明,以及往後所有不時於活動網頁及 Facebook 的任何更新及更改。




Participants are required to agree to the following disclaimer, declaration and other provisions:

In consideration of your acceptance of my entry to Victoria 162, Victoria 10 and any ancillary event or function (collectively "Race"), I hereby agree to abide by the terms and conditions as provided by Air One Limited, prize sponsors, venue sponsors including but not limited to Apex Sports and the assisting entities (collectively "Race Organizer") which are listed as the followings: I understand that by participating in the Race there are risks of injury, death, property damages and/or loss of any kind. I am entering the Race voluntarily and I am willing to assume all my own risks and liabilities associated with participating in the Race. I hereby waive, discharge and release the Race Organizer and any other individual or organization connected directly or indirectly with the Race from any and all rights and claims for liability, loss and/or damages that I may have in the event of injury, death, property damage and/or loss of any kind suffered or incurred by me in or arising from or during the Race, as a consequence of, or while traveling to or from the venue of the Race. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to understand the risks and I declare that I am physically fit to enter, participate in and/or complete the Race safely, and I have not been advised by a practicing medical practitioner not to enter the Race. I declare that I have reached the age of 18 or above on the date I sign and agree to this disclaimer, declaration and other provisions ; alternatively if I have not reached the age of 18, I am accompanied by a legal guardian. I understand and consent to Air One Limited transferring  and any provision of  my personal data to the Race Organizer for the arrangement of the Race and as described below. I hereby grant permission and consent to the Race Organizer and the media to utilize my personal information, appearance, name and voice, in connection with organizing and promoting the Race, in any and all media, and agree to waive any right of inspection or approval associated thereto, including but not limited to that my appearance and name may be used in the website, video, Facebook and publication of the Race Organizer related to the Race. By completing this entry form, I agree to and confirm to accept all of the terms and conditions in the Official Rules, Terms and Conditions listed here,  this disclaimer,  declaration and other provisions , and any subsequent amendments of the Race that are posted on the official website and Facebook from time to time.

If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version, the English shall be the governing and prevailing version.

Partners and Sponsors ​合作及贊助

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