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 Victoria 10 Series 

With the further extension of the gathering ban imposed by the government, we would not be able to organize races in September or October. Dealing with both an uncertainty over when the ban would lifted, and with most weekends already taken by trail races beyond October, we would need to postpone our V10 series to 2021. We would apply for similar race dates as our original plans: Apr, May and Jun-2021 tentatively. We will announce the exact dates when there are signs that races can be held. 

No action is required if you would continue to participate in the series in 2021. 

Given the high uncertainty of events in general, we are again offering an option for runners to receive a refund of the entry fee and add-on race options (excluding platform processing fee upon registration). In case of refund, any merchandise purchased would be delivered, and donations would be paid forward to PLK CNC PS. Simply reply to this email on or before 31 Aug 2020 if you wish to opt for a refund. 

We have said this before and we'd repeat again, stay active and stay healthy. Hope to see you in 2021 at the start line(s) to explore our exciting courses.


隨著政府繼續維持限聚令, Victoria 10 將未能於9月或10月舉行賽事. 目前何時限聚令取消仍存在不確定性, 加上10月以後的週末各區均有賽事預訂, 我們只能無奈將賽事延後至2021年, 而日期暫定為原賽期的4, 5 及6月. 正式的賽期將在政策可容許舉辦賽事時盡快公佈. 

各位參賽者無需做任何動作, 名額將自動延後至2021年的相同賽事. 

我們也深明每一位跑者和事態發展都一樣面對著許多不確定性, 因此我們再度提供退款選項: 您可在8月31日或以前回覆此電郵確認退款,  賽會將退還已付的參賽費用及SMS/證書等額外選項 (不包括平台於報名時收取的手續費); 退款者的加購商品仍會寄付, 慈善捐款亦會轉付受惠的陳南昌小學. 

在每次通訊中我們都提及過, 這裡也再度重申, 希望各位保持運動, 注意衛生和健康. 期待2021年在起點相見, 讓我們向您展示V10充滿新意的賽道.  

Special Hygiene Policy for 

Virus Prevention


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