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TBA  |   09:00   |  10km   

Tai Tam BBQ area Site 2 | 大潭郊野公園2號燒烤場

Hing Wah Estate  |  興華邨

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Victoria 10 Race 2
Parker Pipes 柏架鐵棧道
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Race Info

賽事日期:  TBA

起點: 大潭郊野公園二號燒烤場

行李寄存時間: 08:00 - 08:45 

起步時間: 09:00   

賽事距離: 13公里

限時: 4小時 

終點: 興華邨

起點: 大潭郊野公園2號燒烤場



1) 渣甸山;

2) 小馬坑;

3) 金督馳馬徑;

4) 康柏郊遊徑;

5) 筲箕灣配水庫 (7k 水站); 

6) 鐵棧道;

7) 大潭道;

8) 猛鬼橋;

9) 西灣濾水廠;

終點: 興華邨

Race Date: TBA

Start: Tai Tam Country Park BBQ site 2

Luggage Drop-off: 08:00 - 08:45 


Start Time: 09:00 

Distance: 13km

Time Limit: 4hr

End Point: Hing Wah Estate

Start Point: Tai Tam Country Park BBQ Site 2


1) Jardine's Lookout

2) Siu Ma Stream

3) Sir Cecil's Ride;

4) Hong Pak Country Trail;

5) Shau Kei Wan Service Reservoir (7k CP); 

6) Metal Walkway;

7) Tai Tam Road;

8) Haunted Bridge;

9) Sai Wan Water Treatment Works;

End Point: Hing Wah Estate


GPX File on Google Doc: download here




Prize & Souvenirs

(To be announced)
Solo 1st place
Team 1st place
Solo 2nd place
Team 2nd place
Solo 3rd place
Team 3rd place
跑手贈品 Souvenirs
Race Tee




V162 2020 Runners / Volunteers

20% off regular price


Entry Fee: HKD 380*
Adult ( 18-45)

Senior (45+)

Club / Corporate

Entry Fee: HKD 1520* / team

Team of 4

At least 3 members must be

coworkers or from same club


賽事組別  (歲數以賽日為準)



  1. 成年男子/女子組 (18歲或以上 – 45歲以下)

  2. 壯年男子/女子組 (45歲或以上)


    團體企業組: 4人一隊


​賽事規則:  參看頁末 "賽事規則"

必要裝備:  參看頁末 "必要裝備"


報名費用:  HKD 380 / 每人 

(另加平台手續費 4%) 

Category groups: (age on race day)



1. Open Male / Female (18 or above to below 45)

2. Senior Male / Female (45 or above)


   Club & Corporate: Team of 4  

Regulation and Mandatory Gear : See below


Registration Fee: HKD 380 / person 

(Extra 4% Payment Gateway process fee)






Charity Donation Option:

Operation Fund Support For

PLK Mrs Chan Nam Chong Memorial Primary School

於報名時, 跑手可選擇捐贈予「保良局陳南昌夫人小學 」港幣100 / 200 / 300 / 400 或其他金額。





Special Hygiene Policy for 

Virus Prevention




  1. 需跟隨已標記賽道, 不可抄捷徑.

  2. 跑手需以自身力量完成賽事. 支援隊可在大會支援站前後200米範圍內為跑手提供資源. 不准陪跑.

  3. 號碼布必需要掛於清晰可見位置, 以供賽會識別用.

  4. 愛惜香港郊野, 請勿在賽道上拋棄任何垃圾. 被發現遺留垃圾者將被取消資格.

  5. 除非大會特定宣佈, 否則所有關門時間將會嚴格執行. 任何跑手如起步時遲到15分鐘或以上, 將被視為缺席賽事.

  6. 除緊急醫療狀況外, 跑手若需棄賽, 必需在檢查站方可棄賽. 號碼在將會被留記號, 並不能繼續在賽道上比賽. 棄賽者需自行安排交通離開檢查站.

  7. 如對賽果有異議, 在該賽事完結後12小時內可向賽會正式作出申訴. 賽事總監將在所有賽事完結後24小時內作出決定及回覆.  

  8. 視乎跑手狀況, 任何經駐站人員診察後身體狀況不適宜繼續的跑手 駐站人員有權終止其比賽. 駐站之決定為不可逆轉. 如跑手之狀況需要緊急運送, 該等運送需由跑手自付. 大會建議跑手參賽前, 購買包含緊急醫運送的個人保險.

  9. 每一組別的頭三名完成者, 將獲得獎項及獎品. 

  10. 家庭賽/企業賽: 隊制時間以最後一名進入檢查站的隊員之時間為準. 若有隊員棄賽, 其餘成員可繼續比賽, 各完賽隊員仍可獲得完賽時間及証書, 但其團隊成績則不會被計入團隊賽的排名內, 其排名在團隊賽中會顯示為"無名次" .



1. 可接收香港訊號的手提電話. 

2. 號碼布.

​3. 口罩, 防止飛沫傳播用


1.如任何比賽期間8號風球或黑雨懸掛, 進行中之比賽將會取消。

2.如在比賽前兩小時 8 號風球生效。 比賽將會取消。

3.如在比賽前1小時天文臺已發出紅雨/黑雨/雷暴等的警告,則比賽推遲出發, 視乎天氣狀況決定是否開賽。
4.如比賽期間遇上不限於上述的突發天氣情況, 賽會可a) 暫停賽事直至天氣好轉, 或b) 賽事被暫停至無法在合理及許可時間內完成時, 停止賽事。

5. 如賽事取消, 除非檢查站人員有其他指示,參賽者則需要回到終點取回行李。

6. 大會將不會為任何不可抗力包括疫症, 示威活動, 政府部門臨時取消許可證, 或天氣所致的取消, 停賽, 改路, 延誤等之改動作任何退款.

General rules

  1. Stay on marked course. No shortcuts allowed.

  2. Runners must finish the race on its own power. Support crews are allowed within the vicinity (200m) of the official CPs. No pacers allowed.

  3. Racing Bibs must be visible to race marshals.

  4. Respect the beautiful HK Country Parks. Strictly no littering allowed; any runners caught littering will be disqualified.

  5. All cutoff times, unless otherwise announced officially, are straightly observed. In addition, Racers arriving more than 15 minutes after any race starts will not be allowed to race.

  6. Except for injuries, any drop outs must be done at checkpoints and race marshals must be notified. Your bib would be altered to mark the DNF status. Retired runners are considered out of the race and are responsible for arranging transportation to leave the CP on their own accord.

  7. Any protests must be made within 12 hours of race finish. The Race Directors would revert with final decision within 24 hours of race finish.

  8. CP staff would exert the right to stop a runner’s race if the runner’s condition is deemed unfit to continue. CP staff’s decision are considered final. If an emergency evacuation is required, the runner would be responsible for paying for such service. Insurance policy covering emergency evacuation is strongly recommended.

  9. Top 3 finishers of each races would receive award and prizes.

  10. Family race/Corporate Race: team time would be based on the last member of the team checking into a CP. Shall a team member decides to withdraw from the race, the remaining members would be allowed to continue on, and upon finishing, would be awarded finishing time and certificate. However the finish time would not be eligible for team race ranking, and would be shown as "unranked". 

Mandatory Equipment

  1.  Working Mobile Phone with HK Signal reception

  2.  Race bib

  3.  Masks for preventing droplet contact

Race Postponement, Suspension and Stopping policy


  1. The race would be cancelled if Typhoon 8 or black rain is hoisted during any of the races.

  2. If Typhoon 8 is in effect 2 hours prior to the start of a particular race, that particular race will be cancelled.

  3. If a red/black rainstorm or thunderstorm warning is in effect 1 hour prior to start, the particular race start might be postponed until the warning is lifted.

  4. If during the race any severe weather condition, not limited to the above comes into effect, the organizer might a) suspend the races until the severe weather condition passes, or b) abandon a particular race if the severe weather condition is going to delay the race to an extent that there is not enough time to hold an event.

  5. Unless otherwise instructed by race officials, participants would pick up their luggage at their race end point if a race is cancelled midway.

  6. No refund in case of any race disruption including but not limited to cancellation, suspension, reroute, or delay due to weather condition or force majeure ​such as outbreak, demonstration, or unexpected cancellation of event permits by government, etc. 




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