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Dec 18: 站長/掛補掃講解會 


Dec 25 - 香港體魄: 長課實戰

Dec 29: L57  Recce

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Victoria 162 幕後籌劃

The Story of V162


The Races:
Miler, Stage, Single Day

賽事地圖, 檢查站, GPX

Maps, CPs, GPX,

加購 V162 紀念品

V162 Souvenirs


HK Corporis Workshop

​三日育成計劃  - Connie日記

Becoming a 3-day'er
Connie's Journal


Notable Runners

:: Details to follow ::

Hakusan x V162 x SR 3-day Alliance

​成為 Victoria 162 義工

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V162 210x297 2020 B-01.jpg

V10 系列

V10 Series:
2020 Apr-May-Jun

4 regions, 3 summits, 2 crossings, 1 race - Victoria 162
港九新嶼, 帽鳯太平, 汲水鯉門 :  維港162.

A 100-miles trail running race that
loops around the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.


Tour de Victoria Harbour! Start near the airport, cross the harbour twice, finishes at the Victoria City Boundary Rock on HK Island - all 162km done within 46 hours. 

Eat Hong Kong Local Delicacies while you run

Latest News 最新消息

October 31, 2019

Victoria 162 2020 - 跑手需知 Newsletter #1: Course Recce, MR50, V162 Cap/Tee, HK Corporis Class

Victoria 162 - Newsletter #1: Course Recce, MR50, V162 Cap/Tee, HK Corporis Class

September 19, 2019

Maps, CP & GPX updated 地圖/CP/關門時間/GPX 更新

Maps, CP location and Cutoff, and GPX for the 2020 edition are all updated . Access either the specific Race page, or for a summary go to the "Route & CP" page for CP location and file downloads. 

6個賽事的地圖, CP位置, 關門時間, 及GPX 均已上載. 參加者可從該賽事資訊頁查看, 或直接到 "路線及檢查站" 頁面, 下載各檔案. 

February 17, 2019

Race Pack / Volunteer Pack Collection 跑手包及義工包領取

Today 9pm Decathlon Mongkok - Last call for local runners race pack collection!

After a busy day of HK Standchart Marathon, don’t forget to collect your pack at Decathlon Mongkok. Local runners and Volunteers, please collect your pack today before 9pm if you have not done so .


February 10, 2019

跑手需知 2019 Newsletter #2

Please find our 2nd newsletter, covering: 

1. Race Pack Pickup Reminder

2. HK Island – Course feature

3. N1-N2 / N6-N7 overlapping route

4. Mandatory Gear

5. Luggage Storage, and V162 only drop bag

6. Food List

Happy Trails! 


附件是 2019 Victoria 162 第二份跑手需知 -

1. 跑手包 Reminder

2. 港島賽區 - 路線注意 

3. N1-N2 / N6-N7 的重疊賽道

4. 必要裝備

5. 行李寄存, 及僅限V162 中繼包

6. 食物清單

January 31, 2019

Mandatory Gear List Updated - 必要裝備更新

Mandatory Gear List is updated to include our newly added race of H25. There will be gear checks during the race; failing the gear check would result in immediate disqualification. 

必要裝備已更新, 包含新賽事H25的裝備. 比賽期間會有裝備檢查, 未通過者將不能繼續作賽.

January 28, 2019

跑手需知 2019 Newsletter #1

Here's the newsletter #1, covering Bib Pick-up, Environmental Protection,  L57 / 3DC / 3DR Shuttle Bus, 3DC / 3DR Rules. Happy Trails!


請參考跑手需知 #1, 內容包括: 跑手包領取, 環保, L57 / 3DC / 3DR交通安排, 3DC / 3DR 事項. 越野愉快! 

January 17, 2019

Shuttle Service for L57, 3 Day Race, 3 Day Challenge :: 穿梭巴安排 (僅限L57/3DR/3DC)

Runners of L57, 3 Day Race and 3 Day Challenge can take the Race's shuttle bus to the L0 start point. Bus Schedule:
1) Wanchai MTR Exit B1 6:00

2) Mongkok MTR Exit E1 6:20
3) Tsuen Wan MTR Exit B3 6:40
4) Tung Chung MTR Exit A 7:10
5) L0 Start Point  7:20

參賽 L57, 3 Day Race, 3 Day Challenge 之跑手, 可乘搭賽事穿梭巴士往L0起點. 
上車地點/ 開車時間:
3)荃灣綠楊 6:40am
5)終點 東涌松滿路L0  7:20am 

December 12, 2018

[報名資訊] Registration Period Extension

從善如流, 賽事報名期限由2018年12月15日, 延至2019年1月22日. 注意: 由於衣服製作需時, 2018年12月15日之後的報名參賽者, 未必可獲得紀念T恤, 及N80/V162/3DR/3DC完賽背心. 製作期間我們會盡量多做些庫存, 但數量及尺碼均無法保證. 報名從速!


大可放心的是, 其他賽事紀念品, 包括圖中的完賽獎牌不會受影響! 款式沿用去年墜手非常的設計及材質, 想得到它, 努力往前奔.


We heard the feedbacks, and registration cutoff is now extended from 2018/12/15 to 2019/1/22. But do note : due to the garment production cycle, racers registered after 2018/12/15 might not receive racer tee and/or finisher vest (for N80/V162/3DC/3DC). We will try to buffer stock but there is no guarantee on availability or size. So act fast!


Rest assured all the other souvenirs - including the finisher medals once you've crossed the line - would be available to all racers! We adopt the very same design and material from 1st edition, and if the chunky metalware is what you want, all you have to do is - run full speed ahead!

November 21, 2018

L57 + 3DC/3DR Day 1 End Point Change :: L57 及3日賽終點改動


2月22日(星期五) L57 及 3日挑戰賽/3日賽跑手請注意


因東涌佛教陳馬美玉康樂營進行裝修,  2月22 日(五) 賽事, 包括L57終點 及 3日挑戰賽/ 3日賽的Day 1終點,  以及多日賽Day 1 營地, 將移至香港遊樂場協會東涌營 (

營舍位置:        /


為保持賽道完整, 多日賽及L57的起點, 將會往西移動, 至裕東路/松滿路交界.

起點位置:  /


各L57, 3日賽及3日挑戰賽跑手, 2月22 日早上, 可由東涌地鐵站B出口, 轉乘37 (往逸東邨) 或 38X 巴士, 於松滿路站下車, 起點即在巴士站附近.


東涌地鐵站巴士總站: /

松滿路巴士站: /


V162 起點不受影響, 與上屆一樣, 仍為地鐵站步行約8分鐘的東涌電訊大樓.


 = = = = = = =


All L57, 3-day Challenge and 3- Day Racers Starting 8am Feb 22:


Due to renovation work at the Buddhist Youth Camp, the L57 end point, 3-day Challenge and 3-day race Day 1 end points, as well as the Day 1 campsite, would now be located at the HKPA Tung Chung Camp (


HKPA Tung Chung Camp:    /


To retain the completeness of the Lantau course, the Start point for these 3 races would also move westward to the junction of Yu Tong Road x Chung Mun Road:  /


L57 , 3DC and 3DR racers, after reaching Tung Chung MTR station on the morning ofFeb 22 (no later than 7:10am) , please proceed to exit B and take either the 37 (Direction: Yat Tung Estate) or 38X bus at the Tung Chung MTR Bus Terminus, and get off at “Chung Mun Road” Bus Station, where the start point is just steps away.


Tung Chung MTR Bus Terminus: /

Chung Mun Road Bus Station: /


The start point for V162 remains same as last year’s at Tung Chung Telecom Exchange, 8 mins walk away from Tung Chung MTR.

November 06, 2018

Complimentary Sunsleeves till 11/15  贈送限量版太陽袖至11/15

Late Bird :: 晏鳥優惠 !

早鳥雖然上週已過, RD呈獻限時晏鳥優惠: 10/31 - 11/15 期間報名任何賽事, 揀選 "V162 Pattern Sunsleeves (Free gift) - Yes", 即可獲贈限量版3峰大陽袖一對 (如圖示 OD 親自演繹), 良機勿失!

While Early Bird has passed, we'd present a late bird special: a pair of the Limited Edition 3-Peaks Sunsleeves (illustrated by the OD in pics). From Oct 31 to Nov 15, just choose "Yes" in "V162 Pattern Sunsleeves (Free gift)" when you sign up for any of the races. Get'em while the offer lasts!

October 24, 2018

[停止浪費,解決飢餓 Waste Not, Hunger Not]

RD 和籌委支持 惜食堂 Food Angel 多年,由捐贈、籌款、包裝便當,到現時比賽不扣成本捐贈10% 報名費,一路走來初心如一,出錢出力提倡惜食,支持惜食堂透過轉遞有用的剩餘食物,讓受眾直接受惠。去年首屆賽事,共為惜食堂募得HKD 36,162。今屆不扣成本捐贈10%形式保持不變,越多參賽者,造就更多惜食受惠者,等著你、妳、您的參與!

RD and team has been supporting Food Angel's cause for several years, started with donating food, and moved onto fundraising, volunteering food packing, and now with our own race, giving 10% race registration proceeds before deducting any cost to Food Angel. Our unwavering desire to help Food Angel has stayed same. In 2018, our debut year, we raised HKD 36,162 out of the registration fees for Food Angel. The 10% donation would remain unchanged in our 2nd edition. More the merrier - more runners signing up , and we will in turn create more beneficiaries for Food Angel's drive to defeat food wastage and relieve hunger. Sign up now!

September 19, 2018

iTRA Points

Victoria 162 races are 2019 UTMB Qualifying races with the following iTRA points: 

V162 - 6 points

3-day Challenge / Race - 5 points

N80 - 4 points

L57 / H50 - 3 points

H25 - 1 point

September 10, 2018

[港台stage race聯乘] 3日挑戰賽 3DC x SUPERACE Taiwan 3日菁英賽 3-day Elite

SUPERACE Taiwan 3日菁英賽 3-day Elite: 2019 / 1 / 18-20

Victoria162 3日挑戰賽 3-day Challenge: 2019 / 2 / 22-24


一鍵報名, 台灣和香港兩場多日賽立即等你挑戰 , 更額外獲得早鳥以外9折優惠!

Apply both races at one click, and get 10% off on both Early bird prices of both races! Line these two stage races from Taiwan and Hong Kong up back-to-back now! 

August 19, 2018

2019 Registration is now OPEN 第二屆公開報名開始

2019 . 2. 22-24 Victoria 162 2019. 

6個賽事等著, 25公里到162公里自選挑戰, 8/20 開報, 早鳥到 9/20 止! 

Six races await your sign-up. Pick your potion: from 25k all the way up to 162k, the challenge is yours to tackle. Early bird starts 8/20 up to 9/20. 

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