2021 Victoria 162:

Feb 26-28


2020 Victoria 162 Race Cancellation & Deferment Victoria 162 賽事取消及延期公告

Uncollected Race Packs has been recycled after 2/29/2020.

Victoria 10 Series
V10 賽事

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Victoria 162 幕後籌劃

The Story of V162


The Races:
Miler, Stage, Single Day

賽事地圖, 檢查站, GPX

Maps, CPs, GPX,

加購 V162 紀念品

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HK Corporis Workshop


Notable Runners

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Hakusan x V162 x SR 3-day Alliance

​三日育成計劃 - Connie 日記

Becoming a 3-day'er
Connie's Journal
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V10 系列

V10 Series:
Update coming

4 regions, 3 summits, 2 crossings, 1 race - Victoria 162
港九新嶼, 帽鳯太平, 汲水鯉門 :  維港162.

A 100-miles trail running race that
loops around the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.


Tour de Victoria Harbour! Start near the airport, cross the harbour twice, finishes at the Victoria City Boundary Rock on HK Island - all 162km done within 46 hours. 

Eat Hong Kong Local Delicacies while you run

Latest News 最新消息

February 03, 2020

Announcement: Race Cancellation and Deferment to 2021

Race Cancellation and race entry carried over to 2021 due to novel coronavirus health threat

January 31, 2020

Race Update ; Option on Deferment

We are 3 weeks from the Start of 2020 Victoria 162, and it is currently scheduled to run on Feb 21-23, 2020 as planned.

We understand that some runners may not be able to take part due to the global epidemic control measures. We offer an option to defer your race entry to 2021. Please contact us by noon time Feb 3 (Monday) if you choose to defer. No reply is required if you choose to continue to run this year’s race. 

To comply with public health and hygiene guideline, we request masks be worn at Start Point, End Point and Campsite to cover your nose and mouth. Please try your best to prepare your own sanitizer to clean your hands before entering CPs, to ensure the safety of other runners and our volunteers. For detail please refer to the Department of Health Page - https://www.chp.gov.hk/en/features/102465.html

We are making adjustments to some CPs and course route in response to certain closure of facilities. And from time to time, we will provide more update on Hong Kong and the race. 

尚有3週就是2020 Victoria 162 開賽的日子, 目前賽事按計劃將如期舉行。

鑑於部分跑手可能因世界各地防疫情況未能參賽, 我們提供將本屆名額延後至2021年的選項, 如您選擇延後, 請於2020年2月3日(週一) 中午前電邸我們, 如您決定繼續出賽則無需回覆。

因應目前香港防疫政策, 所有人員必須遵從公共衛生措施, 跑手在起點終點及營地, 必須配戴口罩遮蓋口鼻, 也建議跑手自備消毒搓手液或紙巾, 進入檢查站前消毒雙手, 以確保跑手, 其他賽員及義工等衛生安全。詳情請參閱衛生署防護網頁:https://www.chp.gov.hk/tc/features/102465.html

賽會將因應部份在防疫措施下未予開放的場地及路線作出調整, 以確保賽事的完整性及安全性, 同時會按照香港情況, 繼續為各為跑手提供賽事進度更新。

October 31, 2019

Victoria 162 2020 - 跑手需知 Newsletter #1: Course Recce, MR50, V162 Cap/Tee, HK Corporis Class

Victoria 162 - Newsletter #1: Course Recce, MR50, V162 Cap/Tee, HK Corporis Class

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