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As pandemic control continues to relax in Hong Kong, and successful hosting of 2 physical events by us in HOT25 and Victoria 10 - Frog Rock, we felt it is the optimal time to mark your calendar for the possible return of the Victoria 162 physical races. The 2023 edition is scheduled to be held on Mar 10 - 12, 2023. We  are planning to host the event as close to our 2019 format as we can.  Your 2020 registration will be carried over to this edition. We schedule to open new registration and 2020 transfer window on January 15.

隨著香港疫情防控措施放寬,及兩場由我們舉辦的 HOT25 / V10 青梅竹馬順利完成,我們藉此時機宣布,2023 Victoria 162 已預定於 2023 年 3月10日至12日 回歸實體賽,我們正以與2019年度同樣的賽事模式為目標,去申請賽事復辦。你的2020名額將遞延至本屆。我們預定於1/15 開放新報名及轉讓窗口,

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When life gives you lemon, make Dutch Lemonade! While the physical V10 race would need to wait a bit longer, we have obtained permission to host the 2nd edition of Victoria 10 Virtual – Dutch Lane. With a race period of Jan 23 to Feb 22, 2022, the route has a slight modification towards the end from the 2020 one. You’d start from Aberdeen, via Bennet Hill, Wanchai Gap, Dutch Lane, Barker Road Peak Tram Station, stomp down Old Peak Road. Then you will finish inside Hong Kong Park – Fighting SARS Memorial, aka the Bronze statutes of SARS heroes to be precise, a fitting tribute to those public health professionals who made the ultimate sacrifice combating the SARS pandemic nearly two decades ago. Timing would be based on easy-to-use Strava, selfie and web check-in/check-out. EC Healthcare continues to offer a complementary 3D Cardiovascular scan to gauge your heart health, which is valued at $1200 but offered free to V10 runners. Goodies in the runner’s pack and finisher pack include our classic Dutch themed face mask, towel and medal amongst others. And you don’t need to wait long – race pack pick-up and the race itself both start this Sunday! 

山不轉路轉!雖然V10實體賽回歸尚要等待,我們剛獲得了舉辦第二屆Victoria 10 Virtual – 飛越荷蘭徑的許可。賽期由2022年1月23日到2月22日,賽道與2020年大致一樣,由香港仔出發,經班納山到灣仔峽,全走荷蘭徑,再上山頂白加道纜車站,飛奔下舊山頂道;而終點改於香港公園太極園內抗疫精神建築群 (即SARS英雄銅像),在再次要對抗病毒的今日,也不忘當年在2003沙士抗疫犠牲的醫護群英。計時方面將沿用Strava, 自拍照, 及簡單易用的瀏覽器check in/out 系統.  EC Healthcare醫思健康 繼續關注跑手心臟健康,免費提供各跑手正價$1200的3D心臓影像分析!跑手包與完賽包還有經典荷蘭徑口罩,荷蘭水蓋,毛巾等禮物。馬上報名,本週日就可領包兼馬上出發!


[2022 Victoria 162 Update]

Despite our relentless effort in applying for physical edition of our Victoria 162 race scheduled Feb 25-27, 2022, the current pandemic situation has meant that the final approvals would not be granted. We regret to announce that the Feb 2022 physical edition would not be hosted. Below is a list of race plans currently underway:

— Virtual Race: the approved 2022 race routes are under application to be converted into a virtual race series. More details in early February.

— The 2022-2023 edition: Tentatively scheduled on the weekend of Feb 24-26, 2023. There are no actions on behalf of runners registered for the 2020 edition. The entry holdover and transfer policy would remain the same. We will announce the launch of transfer open and registration open period for the 2023 edition when practically feasible.

— Single Day race: It is highly likely that races spanning more than one day would not be permitted in the near future, but single day race could be held. We have applied for a single-day event in April 2022. If this is approved, 2020 registrations can be converted over to this new race.
Stay healthy, and we hope to see you in a physical race very soon.

The Victoria 162 Team


[Victoria 162賽事公告]

儘管賽會已盡力申請復辦Victoria 162實體賽事,但按現時疫情發展賽事無法在原定的2022年2月25-27日獲得全部批文,因此無奈地本年度Victoria 162賽事將未能復辦。目前賽會的計劃如下:

— Virtual Race : Victoria 162 獲批的賽道將以虛擬賽形式推出,正在申請中。詳請將於2月初公布。

— 2022-2023年度 :  明年的Victoria 162實體賽暫定日期為2023年2月24-26日。已報名2020年度賽事的參賽者無需採取任何動作,名額將繼續遞延,轉讓政策亦無改變。我們將於情況許可時,公布賽事報名及轉讓開始的日期。

— 單日賽: 在未來數月,超過一日的實體賽暫時未有辦法獲批,但單日賽是可行的;我們已在2022年4月申請一場單日實體賽,視乎情況發展,如能順利舉辦,2020的賽事名額,可轉用在這場實體賽事中。


Victoria 162 籌委會


[ Postponement of the scheduled 2021 Victoria 162 series ] 

Since our last update in November, we have worked as much as possible to provide for a 2021 event, having received some of the government permits and secured private premises. Despite our effort, the current pandemic situation and the measures implemented by the local authorities, including gathering ban and travel curb remaining in place, means it is still not conducive of practically hosting our series as scheduled on Feb 26-28, 2021. The Victoria 162 organizing committee has decided to roll the series over to next season. The projected date of the 2022 event period would be Feb 25-27, 2022. 

There are no actions on behalf of runners registered for the 2020 edition. The entry holdover and transfer policy would remain the same. We will announce the launch of transfer open and registration open period for the 2022 edition when practically feasible. 

For Hong Kong based runners, we will organize a virtual event covering selected races in our series around the supposed 2021 race period, along the 2021 ITRA-approved courses. The details will be out early Jan-2021. Prior to that, you can also check out the virtual Victoria 10 - Frog Rock race, which is practically the middle section of the N80 N7-N8-N9 course run in reverse. Find out more on our official website. 

Stay safe, stay active, and we hope to see you virtually in a couple months, and most of all, finally physically in 2022. 


The Victoria 162 Team

[ 2021年度 Victoria 162賽事延後公告 ]

自上次的更新後,我們持續為2021年度賽事努力,並已獲得部分官方許可証及商用場所的准用批文。但隨著香港疫情發展及週邊的措施如限聚令及旅遊限制等,目前實在無客觀條件可以確保2021年2月26-28日的賽事能順利及安全舉辦。V162 籌委決定延後2021年度的系列賽到下一賽季,暫定日期為2022年2月25-27日。


賽會正計劃在原定的賽期前後,利用已獲取ITRA分數的部分賽事,舉行Victoria 162虛擬跑給居於香港的跑手參加,並獲得ITRA分數。詳情將於一月初公布。在此之前,各跑手亦可一試我們的Victoria 10 – 青梅竹馬虛擬賽事,其路線主要以逆走形式覆蓋N80 賽道 N7-N8-N9 中段。詳情請參閱官網。



Victoria 162 籌委會

2020 Victoria 162 Race Cancellation & Deferment Victoria 162 賽事取消及延期公告

Uncollected Race Packs has been recycled after 2/29/2020.

4 regions, 3 summits, 2 crossings, 1 race - Victoria 162
港九新嶼, 帽鳯太平, 汲水鯉門 :  維港162.

A 100-miles trail running race that
loops around the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.


Tour de Victoria Harbour! Start near the airport, cross the harbour twice, finishes at the Victoria City Boundary Rock on HK Island - all 162km done within 46 hours. 

Eat Hong Kong Local Delicacies while you run
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